Staff Profile

Nicki Gray
Broker Administration

In one word … “geek”

Phone (06) 388 1113

Qualifications: Diploma in Media Studies

Areas of Expertise:

  • Home Plans, Farm Packs and Business Plans
  • General Endorsements
  • Social Media

Born and bred in Taihape, Nicki obtained a Diploma in Media Studies in Wellington and then worked in the Print industry in Auckland for several years before heading off on her OE.

After several years residing in the UK, trying her hand at every job imaginable, Nicki returned to Taihape to settle down. Starting at Greenstone Insurance in 2005, Nicki’s role is as PA to the Advisers.

A self-confessed geek, Nicki is a keen video-gamer and devourer of Gamebooks and Sword/Sorcery Novels and devotes her leisure time to these hobbies.

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