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Hawkes Bay flooding claims – help make your claim run as smoothly as possible

  • November 11, 2020

Here’s a guide of what you should do and the information we need from you:-


• Write a list of the items you are claiming on, including the approximate age,
where you purchased them from, and the approximate cost you paid for these items.

• Take photos and/or videos of the items you are claiming on, including photos of
the make, model, and serial numbers of any electronic items.

• Do not dispose of items unless absolutely necessary.

• Provide receipts and valuations where possible.

• Advise how the water damage occurred e.g. did water come up through
the floorboards, or down through the roof?

• Provide repairs reports for any items that have had ‘clean water’ damage (i.e. rainwater only).

• If you do not have a dryer and need to get linen, clothing etc. dry cleaned,
make sure you keep the receipts.

• If your freezer has shorted due to an electrical outage, take photos and write a
list of the freezer items.If they are defrosting, feel free to cook, donate and/or dispose of them.

• Check your electrical items have not been affected by water and are safe to use.
If power has fused any electrical items or you’re not sure, get them tested.


• Take photos and/or videos of any areas damage as the result of the event

• Try to minimise loss wherever possible e.g. lift furniture off wet carpet and
store somewhere dry if possible.

• Provide details of how the loss happened, and what you have done to try and minimise the damage.

• Try and dry or air out the property as much as possible, as soon as you can.

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