Green Initiatives

Greenstone Insurance has made firm commitments to reduce, re-use and recycle and we are working towards a goal of being a ‘paperless’ office.

To date, we have implemented the following Green Initiatives:

  • Recycling (plastic bottles, cardboard, etc)
  • Composting (food scraps)
  • A “Lights on only in rooms being used” policy
  • All PC’s shut down over night/No office lights left on
  • Digital Storage of Client Data (historic and current)
  • Constant updates of email mailing lists – to reduce paper consumption
  • Established a Facebook and Twitter presence as a means of paperless networking
  • A multipurpose copier utilising the following: double-sided photocopying/no un-necessary colour printing
  • Bulk buying office consumables
  • ‘Green’ email signatures (discouraging printing of email where possible)

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