WorkSafe NZ has begun taking a proactive approach in a renewed effort to reduce deaths and injuries on farms.

From 2008 – 2013, statistics show:

  • 103 farm fatalities at an average of 17 per year
  • More than half of farm fatalities involve either a tractor or quad bike.
  • Farm injuries put 13,654 people off work for more than one week
  • The average age of those killed was 48.
  • ACC have received 312 serious harm notifications and 21,536 injury claims.
  • One in five farm workers claimed for injury.
  • 201 people had more than three months off work

These statistics are staggering and as technology increases in the farming industry, so does the need to manage hazards that are present when working on farms.

The adoption of a Health & Safety Policy will assist in bringing about a greater awareness of responsibilities, both as workers and owners.

During a WorkSafe visit, you can expect to be asked;

  • To demonstrate evidence of how you manage Health & Safety on your farm and show workings of a safety system in use.
  • To produce your Hazard Register in order to see what hazards there are and evidence of how you manage them.
  • For evidence of a machinery, vehicle or plant Maintenance Schedule.
  • To demonstrate or explain how a machine works and how you adhere to manufacturers recommendations.  This could be asked of both yourself and your workers.
  • About personal protective equipment and evidence that it is used.
  • How you involve your employees in your Health & Safety planning and whether or not you conduct regular reviews.
  • How you use chemicals on your farm and how they are stored.
  • If you can be observed carrying out regular work activities.
  • How you induct contactors, new staff, and visitors on to your farm.
  • If the Health & Safety Officer can view any part of your operation to assess how effectively you are safeguarding the Health & Safety of everyone on your farm.

Greenstone Insurance wants to be sure that all of our Clients are aware of these changes and are prepared to meet them head-on.

Contact us for more details or to request a Safer Farm Toolkit or check out the WorkSafe website: